When your business largely depends on building relationships and staying top of mind with your database of new and existing contacts, an effective tool for managing your sphere of influence becomes a necessity. While many real estate professionals rely on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage contacts, how many brokerages offer a CRM solution as an included member benefit?

At NextHome, we offer the industry’s leading CRM technology from KvCore to help our agents gather, nurture and ultimately convert contacts into clients. Our system follows a hub and spoke model, where the CRM is the core and our hand-selected partners from across the real estate landscape will plug in as the spokes. By partnering with the best in the industry, NextHome’s KvCore CRM will allow your agents to remain on the cutting edge of real estate technology, regardless of the various directions it could take.

By utilizing the tools and features built into our CRM, your agents will be able to automate tasks and workflow, personalize their services, develop stronger relationships, and focus their follow up efforts. Effective users will see an increase in their business, while saving time on everyday tasks.

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